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Can you provide storage?
Do Pumyang provide delivery and unpacking services?
How long will it take to arrive at destination?
The overall transit time varies from one Country to other country, mode of transport and destination Customs.

- Basically, sea freight on a sole use container takes between 4 - 8 weeks dependant on final Customs. The price will vary depending on the overall volume or size of your belongings or, of you are shipping by air; we will have to also take into account the actual weight of your belongings.

- In the case of a part/shared container, the average transit will be between 6- 12 weeks subject to space availability.
Is there a risk that my stuff will get damaged?
Is there anything that I’m not allowed to ship?
Will you pack for me or can I pack myself?
Where do I find out about Customs regulations and documentation?
How much notice must I give to book a date for packing and removal?
What does the price include. And are all charges included in the price?
How do I get a quote and what should I look for?
When should I contact a Mover to discuss my relocation?